Where to Get Nevada Court Records

It is always advisable to contact the right county agencies or state agencies than requesting at unnecessary places for court records of any state. For Nevada court records, Nevada state agencies must be approached. For convenience, some records have been made available online and for security of information, some still can be retrieved only by mail when requested for directly to the agency. What kind of records you may be looking for-

• Property records
• Death records
• Vital records
• Court records
• Criminal records
• Civil court lawsuit records
• Small claim records etc.

Nevada is officially called “The Silver State”. The court record of the 36th state to be included into the union of United States in 1864 is easy to be retrieved. There are online facilities for viewing the court records. Individual courts have their personal websites. This system was created by the help of an integrated judicial system of the court.

All Nevada court records are not made accessible over the internet. Some are kept aside for security reasons and are revealed only on special request. Some fee needs to be paid for uncovering the records. They sometimes may demand the entire amount before they have provided you with all the information.

Other than the online records available, for withdrawing of other information, formal requests in form of official letters need to be sent to the exact local court place.

Sources of Nevada court records-

• Historical Society
• Governor
• Department of corrections
• State health division
• State Bar
• Motor vehicles department
• Attorney general
• Transport Department
• secretary of State
• Employment, rehabilitation and training department
• Nevada legislature
• Nevada Supreme court
• Department of wildlife
• Taxation department
• Medical examiners’ board

Nevada criminal records are also available online in the public records forums. Retrieval of data may entail a nominal fee. The criminal information record detailed under this topic would concern-

• City criminal
• State criminal
• National criminal
• Federal criminal
• Country criminal

The sources of criminal records for the state that is famous for its legal prostitution and gambling are:

• Nevada department of corrections
• Nevada public safety department
• Nevada inmate information
• Nevada information of the criminal system
• Nevada probation and parole
• Nevada walk-away inmates
• Nevada registry of sex offender
• Nevada criminal justice assistance office
• Nevada department of kin registry
• Nevada department of highway parole

There are different county houses for such data gathering like the Carson City county house, Lincoln City county house, Churchill County, Lyon County, Clark County, Douglas County and a lot more.